Engagement Photography and Videography

The lead-up to your wedding is sure to be one of the most exciting periods in your life. Couples’ imaginations run wild envisioning the details of the life they are preparing to live together. The horizon blooms with the prospects of a family, a new home and even new careers. But of course, there’s a great deal of preparation to tend to first.

Before the bride and groom are launched into the throes of wedding planning, it’s always nice to take a moment to record that ecstatic joy that a couple experiences when they decide to spend the rest of their lives together. This is what the pre-wedding shoot is all about.

When you book an engagement shoot with Faure Valletta, we’ll escort you as a couple to several romantic and photogenic locations. We regularly organise pre-wedding shoots, and we’re well-acquainted with the best places to aim our lenses. From the rugged outdoors to raw industrial facades, we’ll help you choose the best backdrops to express your personalities and tell the story of your undying love.

As one of Sydney’s premier photography studio’s we are able to recommend many gorgeous photography locations such as parks, beaches, forest and city locations to capture your engagement shoot. Some couples may have a particular place in mind – somewhere that holds significance to them. Perhaps it was the location where they had their first date or the place where they officially got engaged. Incorporating these locations into the engagement photography shoot adds profound layers of meaning to the occasion.

From rustic destinations in the outdoors to historical buildings in the city – there are countless places to stage your shoot. Your photographer will play with light, texture and shadow to create a moving collection of photographs.

The photo collection we create to celebrate your engagement will play a prominent role on your wedding day as well. You’ll have a marvellous collection of photos to display around your ceremony and reception, adding colour and character to your special day. As mentioned above, we also provide christening videography, if you are looking for a wedding or christening videographer in Sydney, feel free to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Christenings Videographer & Photographer Sydney

Each family has their own idea of how they would like to celebrate the birth of a new child, and Faure Valletta Photography can help you capture each precious moment of the occasion with stunning detail. Our professional christening videographers and photographers in Sydney have extensive experience working with celebrations of this nature, and they can help you create a vivid visual account of your newest family member’s first party.

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with a few family members and close friends, or a grand affair with neighbours, colleagues and extended family in attendance, we can provide you with a stunning set of photographs to memorialise this occasion.

Your baby’s christening is something you’ll want to record as closely and vividly as possible. In their first few months of life, babies go through a striking series of changes. Within a year, you’ll barely even recognise them as that newborn bundle of joy. But with high-resolution photographs from this special day, it will never be difficult to conjure up the magic of those earliest days with your new family member.

Faure Valletta Photography Has Experience Working With Children

Photographing very young children is certainly more difficult than you may assume, and it’s important that you entrust the task of recording your baby’s christening to a professional who has done this on several occasions. Hiring the wrong person for the job could leave you with a collection of photographs that merely show who was in attendance without really capturing the spirit of the day.

The team at Faure Valletta Photography regularly work a wide range of formal events and celebrations – from weddings and graduations to birthday parties and christenings. Our professional photographers have plenty of experience capturing little ones at those magical moments – before they burst into laughter, reach for a familiar face or simply squeal with delight.

Of course, our skilled christening videographers and photographers will ensure that you receive all of the requisite group family shots. Your VIP guests will each have a turn to pose with the baby, and we’ll also work in plenty of beautiful portraits of your little one. But the best images are almost certainly going to capture those beautiful, unexpected moments when your little one interacts with friends and family – sparking genuine joy and delight. We wouldn’t miss those photo opportunities for the world!

We could spend all day explaining our methods to you, but the proof of our ability lies in the sample pictures you’ll find here on this page. We’ve collected a few of our favourite photographs from Christenings we’ve attended. As you can see, we have a keen eye for detail, and we’re careful to capture each little nuance of this special day – from the small rites to the character of the venue.

Our photographers can be chartered for set blocks of time, during which they will take as many photographs as possible. These will be delivered to you as high-resolution digital photo negatives, with print options also available. If your baby is about to be christened, and you are looking for the best christening videographer or photographer in Sydney, contact Faure Valletta Photography to record this precious event for your family.