Yes To Same Sex Weddings

Yes to Love, and Yes to Unforgettable Wedding Memories!

Faure Valletta Photography is one of Sydney’s finest wedding photography studios – but did you know? We also capture same sex engagement, wedding, and couple’s portraiture photography.

The momentous Marriage Equality Vote has made Australian history, and we want to celebrate the start of many new marital beginnings with same-sex couples throughout our community.

Your wedding day stands for a number of things close to your heart – friends, family, but most of all, it is the union of two people.

Capturing that union in images can be one of the most important considerations couples make in planning their wedding.

And so, having a photographer who understands your aesthetic and wishes indeed makes a world of difference to make your wedding truly special.

Not only do we voice our support for the new changes to law, our team at Faure Valletta are proud to show their compassion and dedication to the art of photography by including happy same-sex couples in our portfolios, and look forward to working with many more loving couples in the near future!

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