The Difference Between Candid & Posed Photography

The work of wedding photographers has become one of the most important details to a successful event. Having images to treasure and look back on is the perfect way to always pay respect to your big day and all of the little moments that helped make it special.

Wedding photography typically falls into two categories: candid and posed. While both forms of photography are necessary at a wedding and serve a purpose, they do differ.

Let’s explore the difference between candid and posed photography.


Candid photography

Candid wedding photography is the type where the photographer gives no direction as to what the subject needs to do. Without instruction on how people should act, the images are completely natural and catch guests talking, dancing and embracing in casual stances.

A great way to think of it is as the wedding photographer becoming a ‘fly on the wall’ and simply capturing the little moments shared between people that unfold throughout the day. Candid photography is most likely to take place before, during and immediately after the ceremony and throughout the reception. You may notice the photographer roaming the room snapping up interactions without the subjects even noticing.

Posed photography

Just as the name suggests, posed wedding photography is when the photographer asks people to be in a certain position or pose in particular settings. Most often the subject is given direction by the photographer so they can capture pictures that embrace the photographer’s style of imagery. Faure Valletta Photography like to pose people in a natural way, often making the images look candid and set up for perfection.

While there may be no uninterrupted laughter present or spur of the moment embrace, that does not mean posed photography is emotionless! It is full of heart and soul. Formal photos with the happy couple and their families are typically posed, but they are still genuine. You can easily make your posed snaps filled with love and fun – when you feel it, it will radiate off you.

Finding the balance

Naturally, your wedding photographer may lean more towards one type of photography over the other, but it is all about finding the right balance. Having a beautiful mix of candid photos and posed photos means you get the best of both worlds. But if you have a preference as to which type you would prefer, chat to your photographer and they can assist in getting the desired ratio.

Let Faure Valletta Photography capture your candid & posed wedding photos

Whether you prefer candid or posed photography, Faure Valletta Photography can bring your day to life through stunning imagery. Explore our wedding photography packages and let us help make your day unforgettable.

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