Sydney Photography Locations

Sydney Photography Locations

When you are planning a wedding in Sydney, you have to give plenty of thought to where you are going to stage your photography shoots. There are so many excellent locations to shoot in Sydney – from verdant gardens to beach side locations and charming urban markets. At Faure Valletta Photography, we specialise in helping couples find the most picturesque locations to memorialise one of the most important days in their lives. With that in mind, here are the top seven wedding shoot locations in and around Sydney where we regularly take our clients:

  • Wedding Photo Shoot Location 1: The Blue Mountains
    The Blue Mountains are a stunning location for wedding photography, and there are many different zones and locations in the region that offer different possibilities. The scenery here is absolutely stunning, and there is ample opportunity for wide-angle photography, in which the bride and groom occupy an expansive vista with mountains and forests in the background.

    One particularly popular venue in the Blue Mountains is Chapel Hill Retreat. Located in a rural setting in the foothills leading up to Mt Tomah, this charming chapel features lovely gardens, along with a newly built function room and on-site accommodation. That means you can easily plan both the ceremony and reception here as well. In this case, all of the photos from your special day are going to be absolutely stunning.
  • Wedding Photo Shoot Location 2: Centennial Park
    This is a great option, because there are so many different natural settings for the couple to pose in. You’ll find expansive verdant lawns, ornate gardens, reflective pools and even tranquil forested sections. Whatever mood or tone you’re trying to capture, you’ll find something to suit in this park. As with just about any outdoor shooting location, this park is especially lovely in the early morning light and as the afternoon turns to evening. 

    We should also note that Centennial Park is a popular wedding destination also. If you are interested in actually planning your ceremony here, that can be arranged, which opens up even more amazing photo opportunities.
  • Wedding Photo Shoot Location 3: Chinese Garden of Friendship
    As you may know, Sydney has a sister city in China – Guangzhou. Our sister over the sea actually played an important role in designing the Chinese Garden of Friendship, which is a beautifully exotic location to stage your wedding photo shoot.

    These gardens combine the elements of water, stone and flora together, with traditional Chinese architecture interspersed. You can stage your photos against backgrounds of waterfalls, placid lakes, serene walking paths and ornamental trees and bamboo stands. It truly is a lovely setting. And as with so many of the photo shoot locations we are recommending in this list, you can also host your wedding here. 
  • Wedding Photo Shoot Location 4: Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
    These breath-taking gardens in the heart of the city are not to be missed, and they also offer couples exciting opportunities for wedding photo shoots. The gardens first opened in 1816, and the group behind them is the oldest scientific institution in the country. Highlights include the Macquarie Culvert and Wall, with its picturesque bridge; the Glasshouse, with orchids and other tropical foliage inside; the Lotus Pond Oriental Garden; and so much more. If you’re in search of a well-manicured outdoor space, these gardens have what you need.
  • Wedding Photo Shoot Location 5: The Rocks
    The Rocks is a spectacular urban destination for wedding photography. It’s located on the steps of the CBD, but you’ll feel like you’ve left the city proper and entered a new world. There are quiet alleyways, arches and archways and a range of traditional architectural styles. The photos you take here will have a modern feel, but they’ll also have a bit of vintage charm from a bygone age. The best way to plan your photo shoot at The Rocks is to come a few days in advance to do some shopping, taking a moment here and there to note down which specific locations you would like to use for your photo shoot.

    And if you’re shooting at The Rocks, you may also want to consider heading up to the top of Observatory Hill, which is just a few steps away. It offers stunning panoramas overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge and the harbour as a whole. Some couples have even arranged to conduct their ceremony on this high-flying location.
  • Wedding Photo Shoot Location 6: Lavender Bay
    This harbour-side suburb on Sydney’s lower North Shore has several excellent photo shoot locations. There are also several popular places here to stage your ceremony as well. One of the most popular is Clark Park. It features relatively high elevation, so you can enjoy excellent views over the harbour. Naturally, this makes for excellent photos on your wedding day.

    There are several other areas of note. Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden provides lush gardens, shade trees and spectacular views over the harbour. You can also descend to the beach at Lavender Bay, as there’s a stretch of sand that’s ideal for beach wedding photography. There are also some good opportunities for night-time photography at Lavender Bay, with the lights of the Sydney skyline in the background. 
  • Wedding Photo Shoot Location 7: Luna Park
    Luna Park is close to Lavender Bay – and it sure is a lot of fun. This is Sydney’s oldest amusement park, complete with vintage rides including a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round. The park is full of vibrant, light-hearted facades that make for ideal backdrops. And if you book in advance, you can actually reserve rides specifically for the bride, groom and wedding party – enhancing the opportunity for memorable photos.

    If you are already planning to visit Lavender Bay for your wedding photo shoot, consider taking the boardwalk connecting the bay to Luna Park. You’ll find that there are several excellent places to take couple’s photos here as well.

If you’re planning a wedding and ready to start setting up your wedding photo shoot, contact Faure Valletta Photography. We’ll help you find the perfect photo shoot locations based on your personal preferences and where you’re staging the ceremony and reception.

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