Our Favourite Heart-Warming on Screen Same Sex Wedding Scenes

In 2017, Australia finally legalised marriage between same sex couples, with everyone be able to profess their love and commitment to their partner, regardless of gender.

And one of the ways for everyone to see how beautiful love can be in all its different forms has been on tv. There have been many spectacular, breathtaking and romantic wedding scenes between same sex couples shown in tv shows.

Here are some of our favourite ones.

  1. Cam & Mitchell, Modern Family (Season 5, Episode 23 & 24)

    This two-part special is a soul-stirring, tear-jerking wedding filled with tender moments and heartfelt family love. After almost every wedding disaster imaginable and the couple thinking it might be a sign that they shouldn’t marry, Cam and Mitchell finally get their romantic celebration when Cam’s dad announces he has booked out a place in his country club.

    Cam and Mitchell both walk down the aisle with their respective parents, as their ceremony is officiated by Cam’s brother-in-law who starts off with: “They say the best marriages contain just a little bit of magic.” The tears start there and don’t really stop until Cam and Mitch’s affectionate dance at their wedding reception.

  2. Arizona & Callie, Grey’s Anatomy (Season 7, Episode 20)

    This drama filled episode has tons of family tension, angst and difficult emotions. Callie is conflicted as she says people don’t see this as a ‘real’ wedding. However, her friend Bailey says that if she’s willing to stand in front of all these people and commit to a person, for better or worse, then it is a real marriage.

    The payoff from all this emotional conflict is definitely worth it when Arizona and Callie have a lovely ceremony officiated by Bailey. Both women look stunning in their white gowns as they stand in front of family and friends to express their love and commitment to each other. Bailey starts of by saying, “We are here to celebrate love and happiness and loyalty and, in my opinion, a little bit of magic.

  3.   Santana & Brittany; Kurt & Blaine, Glee (Season 6, Episode 8)

This double wedding is magical, enchanting and full of cheesy romance. The show’s two most beloved same sex couples get married together in a cosy barn with fairy lights, surrounded by friends, family and loved ones.

It sends our heart a flutter watching high school sweethearts come together, despite all the challenges faced as a couple, and profess their love and commitment to stay with each other forever.

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