Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement

You and your partner have finally decided to tie the knot, solidifying the love and care you have for each other. And to go with this decision is a beautiful ring on one (or both!) of your fingers to signify this commitment.

Now comes the next best part: telling all of your family, friends and loved ones that they should start thinking of wedding outfits. Faure Valetta has some fun ideas of how to announce your engagement.

Classic Ring Shot

You can’t go wrong with a simple shot of the engagement ring as you and your partner hold hands. If you want to make it cuter, you could opt for the hands around waist shot or have both your hands make a heart. It’s simple, sweet and gets the message across pretty quick.

Get Your Furry Pal in There

If you and your partner already have a little pooch to call your own, get them in the announcement as well. Take a photo of your pet with a sign saying something along the lines of ‘my humans are engaged.’ It’s almost too cute to resist.

Pop Culture References

There are thousands of pop culture icons that reference marriage and weddings. Think slipping on a glass slipper ala Cinderella, or taking the advice of Beyoncé and finally putting a ring on it. Better yet, if there’s a film, tv show or song that’s poignant to your relationship, use that to reference your upcoming nuptials.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Take a nostalgia trip and go back to the place you first met for a wholesome little then vs now photo comparison. It’s a great chance to look at how far you’ve come and everyone always loves a good opportunity to look back at a younger you. (What were you thinking with that haircut!)

A Video Montage

Speaking of nostalgia, what better way to relive the best moments of your relationship than with a heartwarming video compilation of your relationship to announce the engagement.

Let Us Help You Craft an Unforgettable Engagement Shot

Aside from stunning wedding photography, Faure Valetta regularly does engagement photoshoots. We can take you to some breathtaking, romantic locations around NSW to capture the love between you and your partner in aesthetically pleasing backdrops.

Browse through our gallery to have a look at some of our previous work. If you have any questions about our engagement shoots or our wedding photography/videography prices, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

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