Dunbar House Watson’s Bay- Stephen & Monica

Dunbar House Watson's Bay- Stephen & Monica

When any bride wakes on the morning of her wedding day, she probably hopes to see a beautiful sunny day – because that will guarantee beautiful wedding photos, right?

Wrong! In fact, taking a good photograph outside on a sunny day is an enormous challenge – and never more so than at a beach wedding, where there is not just the sun to contend with, but also the glare reflecting off the water.

This is just one of the reasons why your wedding photography is best left in the hands of skilled professionals. When you choose Faure Valetta as your Sydney wedding photographer, you can relax, knowing that you don’t have to spend a fortune to ensure beautiful images of your special day.

There’s a reason most weddings are held in the afternoon (even if some folk still refer to the reception as the wedding “breakfast”). Not only does it give the bride and her entourage plenty of time to prepare, but as the day progresses past midday, the lighting becomes more favourable for outdoor photography.

Why is Shooting in the Sun such a Challenge?

Direct sunlight can be very unforgiving, creating dark shadows and harsh lines. Rather than resulting in vivid colours, it can all too easily be a recipe for blown out highlights, hot spots, lens flare, over-exposed images, and squinty eyes! If you are having a garden or beach wedding, you will want your photographer to make the most of the natural backdrop, not fuss over less than ideal lighting conditions.

Our Sydney wedding photography team has the expertise to capture your moment in the sun by using:

  • the best angles and perspectives;
  • the use of diffusers and filters;
  • fill in flash;
  • and other techniques and tools of the trade.

As an example, we are sharing some images here from the wedding of Stephen and Monica. The couple were married at Robertson Park on Watson’s Bay, with photographs afterwards at Camp Cove.

With the couple and their guests as the focus, you probably won’t even notice the use of backlighting and various angles to achieve such great results.

When you add a passing sun shower, romantic sunset, and the interiors of reception venue Dunbar House, there was certainly plenty of scope for our photography team to demonstrate their skills on Simon and Monica’s wedding day!

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