Award Winning Photography Meets Art

Today I thought I would write an educational blog post to explain to clients and up and coming photographers how we captured and created this award winning bridal portrait of Yanni & Maria’s Wedding which was held at the iconic Luna Park in Sydney.

Faure Valletta Photography clients Yanni & Maria, had asked me to create something extra special for them as a portrait to display inside their home.

This image was captured at 8pm on the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park in Sydney. As the image was captured in low light, I firstly exposed the image for the ambient light. I then setup our off camera lights approximately 6 feet to the camera right position. I then attached a Mag Mod Grid with a full CTO coloured gel to the off camera light to give me full control of the light source and shape the light as a fill light in the direction of the clients faces.

As I wanted to create a peace of art, during the editing process I removed the people from the background and the other rides that were at Luna Park and replaced the background with pine trees and also replaced the original sky with stormy clouds.

Add the 3 different images and blend them together and magic…………

An epic image and a work of art.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Faure Valletta Photography – Jamie Faure

CINEMA: Faure Valletta Photography – Frank & Frankie

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