Ally and Luca

Bendooley Estate Bowral - Luca & Ally

As leading Sydney wedding photographers, our line of work means that we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest bridal trends.

In recent years we’ve noticed that it’s much more common for brides (and grooms) to prepare in a fancy hotel suite, rather than the family home.

Where to Prepare?

This makes sense on a number of levels, for example:

  • being able to choose somewhere close to your wedding venue;
  • avoiding all the stress of making sure both house and garden are photo-worthy;
  • not to mention, the benefits of room service!

However, we think there’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing a bride getting ready at home. As she heads outside to pose for photos, and steps into the bridal car, there is often a crowd of neighbours and other well-wishers on hand to give her a royal send-off!

Such was the case for Sydney couple Ally and Luca when they tied the knot in February this year. Despite the venue being over an hour away, both chose to prepare at home amidst their nearest and dearest. (We imagine the journey in the luxury wedding cars would have passed quite quickly anyway with a glass of bubbly in hand!)

Besides, what was another hour or so in the scheme of things? Having been together for nearly ten years, Ally waited a long time for Luca to get around to popping the question!

The couple wanted something a little different to the traditional European-style extravaganza you might expect when the groom is of Italian heritage, and the bride Maltese. Instead, Ally and Luca opted for the rural charm of the southern highlands and were married in the St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in the heart of Bowral.

Rustic Glamour at Bendooley Estate

Afterwards, the celebrations moved out to the countryside, with a reception for 350 guests at The Stables, part of the award-winning Bendooley Estate. The heavy rain only added to the romantic atmosphere and the breathtaking views over the nearby vineyards.

We’ve mentioned before that rain doesn’t have to put a damper on wedding celebrations, and can in fact facilitate some unique and dramatic wedding photography.

When you look at how their faces are wreathed in smiles in the photos below, you can just tell that the torrential rain was no impediment to Ally and Luca’s enjoyment of their big day!

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