3 reasons why your headshot is critical for your business

3 reasons why your headshot is critical for your business


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – and never more so than in the case of your corporate headshot.

In today’s modern world image is everything, particularly when you consider the dominance of modern technology. Instead of hidden in the pages of an annual report or on the back of your business cards, your corporate headshot is now freely available to all and sundry, thanks to websites, search engines and social media platforms – so it’s never been more important to ensure your profile picture communicates a positive and professional image.

1. A professional headshot projects a professional image

While happy snaps are great, they aren’t really appropriate for business use. That candid shot of you from your cousin’s wedding may be lovely, but chances are the quality is just not there, there’s a random person in the background, or other extraneous details.

Although there is a cost attached to using professional photography services, consider it as an investment in your business and career. First impressions matter, and with the advent of social media, often the first point of contact your prospective clients, customers or even employers will have with you is your Facebook or Linked In profile. Take control of your digital footprint, and the message you communicate, by making sure you use professional headshots.

2. Your Clients deal with You, not Your Company

Regardless of whether you are the owner of the business, or simply an employee, your clients have chosen to deal with you, rather than the company as a whole. While your brand’s reputation may prompt the first contact from a potential customer, people don’t do business with brands – they do business with people. As the old saying goes, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that we all do. A great corporate headshot can literally mean the difference between increasing sales, or going out of business. It really is that important!

3. Clients do their Homework

What is the first thing you do these days when you hear of a product or brand you are interested in dealing with? You look them up on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

While they may contain plenty of valuable information, research shows that most people skim read websites, focusing only on things that stand out – such as headings and photos. Your corporate headshot is a valuable marketing opportunity, and should not be taken lightly.

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